Liberty Classroom Review 2017 – Is it Worth It?

Liberty Classroom Review 2017 – Is it Worth It?

Liberty Classroom is Tom Woods’ signature product.  But what do people have to say about it?  If you’re interested in finding out what it’s like once you actually buy the program, then this review of Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom is for you.

When I first looked into the course, it was only to see if it would be a good fit as a gift for my more libertarian friends.  I didn’t expect to buy the product myself, since I already listened to the Tom Woods Show.  I figured I had already heard most of the course already.  What else was there to know?  As it turns out, there was a lot I didn’t know:

Liberty Classroom Courses

And here are even more of the courses Liberty Classroom has to offer:

Liberty Classroom Courses 2

I saw that there were a lot more subjects than what is talked about on the show.  “Western Civilization” and “History of Political Thought” soon became my two favorite courses.

But when I first saw them, I thought, “How would I ever make time to listen to these courses?  I already listen to a lot of podcasts, I just won’t have the time!”

As it turns out, once I started listening, I liked the Liberty Classroom lectures more than my other podcasts.  This includes the Tom Woods Show itself (Sorry, Tom).  I never thought I would miss an episode from my other podcasts, but now I had a new favorite thing to listen to.  Try it for yourself.

The structured, episodic format of the Liberty Classroom courses kept me hungry for the next lecture.  It was like an addictive television show, with cliffhangers and all.  And the best thing is that Liberty Classroom is constantly coming out with new courses.

If You’re Looking for More Engagement, the Forums are the Best

It took me a while to discover the Liberty Classroom forums.  At first, I didn’t think I had much to contribute.  But sometimes, I needed questions answered, so I thought I might as well post in the forum.  As it turns out, the professors themselves also hang out in the forums, and are quick to respond to any question thrown their way.

Here’s a question asked by another Liberty Classroom user, and within 24 hours he received a response from Author and Professor Jeffery Herbener:

Jeffery Herbener's Response

The forums are a great place to talk about the Liberty Classroom courses or general topics, and the forums are organized neatly with subforums each class and lecture.

Still Not Sure About It?

Liberty Classroom has some of its course lectures online for free.  Unfortunately, the free lectures are only in YouTube format, and I much prefer the mp3 files to listen while I drive.  If you’re interested in trying out a lecture, check out the free ones here.  When you become a member, you get them in .mp3 format.

You even get half of course (U.S. Constitutional History) for free!

Liberty Classroom's Constitution Course

Liberty Classroom: The Price

There are three tiers of Liberty Classroom: Basic, Basic Plus, and Master.


Basic gets you one year of the courses online, and any new courses that are added during your yearly subscription.  However, you don’t get access to the forums.  The “normal price” is less than $10 per month ($119 for the year), but Tom is always having discounts so I would look out for that (it’s currently on sale for less than $8 per month or $89).  There’s also a not-so-secret way to get the price discounted even more.  We’ll get to that at the end.

Basic Plus

Basic Plus gets you a year of everything: the courses, the future courses, the forums, and the live Q&As with the professors.  This is a great package at the “normal price” of less than $13 per month ($149) but again, it’s on sale right now for less than $10 per month or $119.


Master gets you a lifetime subscription to everything: the courses, the future courses, the forums, and the live Q&As with the professors.  Also, Tom throws in the added bonus of his 435 audio/video lessons from his Government and History Courses at the Ron Paul Curriculum.  These lessons are good for adults as well as students, and it would be a great thing to share with any highschool/middle school-aged children you think might be interested.

This is a ton of content, and it’s for life.  The “normal” price is $597, but as of right now, it’s on sale for $497, and for what you’re getting, it’s an incredible value.  Considering all the stuff Tom releases for free (his Podcasts and many of his books), I don’t think my money could go to a better guy.

But Here’s The (Not-So) Secret

Tom has a page dedicated to giving you coupon codes for buying Liberty classroom.  The coupons are always changing (as well as the discounts), so if you are interested in joining the thousands in Liberty Classroom, definitely save yourself some money by buying it with the coupon codes.

If you’re looking for a legitimate alternative to the “free courses online” of Coursera and the like, who often regurgitate the government-approved opinions on History, Economics, and Political Thought, then Liberty Classroom is the best thing for you.

I truly believe that the course has made me much more knowledgeable and well-prepared to debate major topics.  It is completely worth my money and time, and I’m happy to call myself a Liberty Classroom member.

Pull the trigger today, and you’ll thank yourself for it later!

Very Truly Yours,


11 thoughts on “Liberty Classroom Review 2017 – Is it Worth It?”

  1. Liberty Classroom… The name sounds wonderful.

    It was motivating going through the material available knowing what might be hidden in the knowledge available.

    History is very interesting to me and grows more so each year as I learn more and more I have much to learn.

    Your telling of the story was also very helpful and presented the choices well.

    1. Thanks Robert. I do recommend listening to the free lectures Liberty Classroom offers online, and checking out the previews to the other courses. It’s a great program, especially in history, so I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge.

      Thanks for the comment and best of luck in your own personal learning adventure!

  2. Hey this webpage is really cool, and it involves two of my favorite subjects, politics and education! The page itself is set in a very readable way! I do have a question, do you have any suggestions on a good book that helps explain libertarianism? I do not know much about the movement myself, and I’m pretty interested in learning about it!

    1. Hi Jessie, thanks for the comment. For a book recommendation, I like Adam Kokesh’s book “Freedom”, which you can download for free (just google adam kokesh freedom), or get a physical copy for something like $4. It’s a quick read (I think it’s only 100 pages), but I think it’s one of the best primers on libertarianism there is.

      For another great quick read on libertarianism, I would recommend Murray Rothbard’s Anatomy of the State, which is also available for free on This book (originally an essay, I think it’s only 45 pages or so), is so well-written that’s it was difficult for me to put down.

      Both books are great, with Kokesh’s book intended to be more of a practical introduction to libertarianism piece by piece, and Rothbard’s book being a very persuasive argument in favor of libertarianism. Happy reading!

  3. Wow I would never have known that such an educational course existed before I came to your page here. I can imagine these lectures would be very interesting to both entrepreneurs and those who are politically inclined more than the average joe. I also imagine they would be very interesting to people who just want to understand the economy better and how all the parts integrate into the whole. Thanks for the info.

    1. Thanks Liz! Liberty Classroom is good for all of the things you’ve mentioned, especially in learning economics. I took a few economics classes in college where I was bored to death, but Liberty Classroom’s courses on 1. The History of Economic Thought and 2. Austrian Economics have tremendously improved my economic literacy.

      Thanks for the comment and feel free to check out the free lectures at Liberty Classroom to get started!

  4. Gosh!!! I’ve never heard of this before and I must admit, I am stoked to have found this post.

    Not only do I love history, I love politics and economics as well. I had no idea there was a course like this around. I’ve actually never heard of the guy Woods that you speak of.

    I do plan to go through the free lessons and see if this is something I can find value in. Thank you for taking the time to compose this review.

  5. Wow I am in love. I love learning and I have wanted to do online learning for years now but I never got around to it.
    I am more conservative than Libertarian but I have some Libertarian in me for sure.

    Do you think Conservatives would enjoy these courses as well?

    1. Absolutely. Considering that Tom Woods himself came from a conservative background and began his academic career as a conservative writer, I think you would find his style very compelling. Enjoy!

  6. I discovered Tom Woods’s podcast a couple years ago and am hooked. I bought his Liberty Classroom master membership this year during a discount, and I feel like I’ll never be bored again! Such solid research. He’s a great explainer, and he’s good at finding other great explainers and adding them to the faculty. I cannot recommend Tom Woods’s stuff enough!

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