Tom Woods’ Publicity Bonus

Tom Woods has been in the blogosphere for a while, tackling popular issues in history, economics, and politics.  He does the same thing with his podcast today, but before that, Tom was a frequent blogger. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that he started encourages others to get in on the fun.

He shows you how to make a website in minutes, and then he offers you a very special bonus when you sign up for web hosting through his affiliate link.

What’s the bonus?  He promotes your website on his podcast.  After an episode, he usually gives about a 30-second spot to talking about the new website and why people should go to it.  A lot of the blogs he would promote dealt with economics, politics, homeschooling, or religion, and nearly all of them were started by amateurs.

You’re probably wondering: does this publicity make a difference?

I can only speak from my own experience, when I started a blog about economics in the summer of 2015, when Tom first launched his free publicity bonus.  My blog was only a few weeks old, and I wasn’t getting any hits until he promoted my site.  Here’s what happened:

Tom Woods Hit Spike

Do you see that spike that took my site from receiving 0 hits per month to over 2,000?  That was because of Tom’s publicity.  And as you can see, the traffic kept coming, and with it, loyal fans!  I actually had people comment and email me personally to say that they check my site frequently and love every post.  It was a great feeling to think that I am providing real value to people with a simple blog on economics that I updated only once per week.

Sometimes your site needs a little push.  With Tom’s publicity, my site finally got off the ground and I was able to reach people and entertain them.

I’ve since stopped posting to the blog, but it continues to get over 1,000 hits per month, most of which are from organic Google searches.  The site continues to be on the front page of Google for a number of economics keywords, which is how most people find out about the site.

I’ve heard similar stories from other bloggers.  Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to keep up with a blog, especially if you aren’t making any money from it.  Most sites aren’t profitable ever, and certainly not in the first few months.  A lot of people who get started with Tom’s publicity end up abandoning their site (even when it’s getting traffic!), but if you stick with it, the people will come.

Tom’s products and special bonuses are always worth it.  That’s why I highly encourage you to check out Liberty Classroom, the best real education you can get for your money.